Canadian election observers in Ukraine (1998 to 2012)

Canada has sent thousands of elections observers to Ukraine over the years. Canadians have been observing elections in Ukraine since that country declared independence in 1991.

According to data from the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, more than 1,600 observers have represented Canada and Canadian organizations in the last eight elections. Hundreds more of Canadians have served as elections observers through various international organizations like the OSCE, bringing the tally to well over 2,000 observers from Canada in the last 16 years alone.

1998 Parliamentary Elections
There were 411 international observers from 34 countries, including 13 Canadians (10 accredited through OSCE)

1999 Presidential Elections
There were 576 international observers from 38 countries, including 29 Canadians (20 accredited through OSCE)

2002 Parliamentary Elections
There were 944 international observers from 51 countries, including 32 Canadians (25 accredited through OSCE)

2004 Presidential Elections*
There were 12,545 international observers over 3 rounds of elections: 3,285 from 31 countries, including 385 Canadians, and 9,260 from 45 international organizations

2006 Parliamentary Elections*

There were 3,516 international observers: 483 from 17 countries, including 2 from Canada and 3,033 from 26 international organizations, including 170 accredited through the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

2007 Parliamentary Elections*
There were 3,354 international observers: 541 from 17 countries, including 3 from Canada, and 2,813 from 25 international organizations, including 132 through the Canada-Ukraine Foundation

2010 Presidential Elections*

There were 3,779 international observers: 330 from 19 countries, including 1 from Canada and 3,449 from 18 international organizations, including 267 through Mission Canada and 110 though the Canada Ukraine Foundation

2012 Parliamentary Elections*

There were 3,797 international observers: 519 from 28 countries, including 14 from Canada and 3,278 from 35 international organizations, including 475 through Mission Canada

2013 Repeat Parliamentary Elections

There were 26 international observers through Mission Canada for the repeat elections held in 5 districts

2014 Presidential Elections

500 elections observers from Canada anticipated.

* Does not include Canadians who were accredited as observers through various international organizations such as the OSCE, World Congress of Ukrainians and others.