Capital: Kyiv
Population (million): 45.453
Total Area: 603,700km2
Currency: 1 CAN$ = 7.82 Hryvnia (UAH)(2013)
National Holiday: August 24, Independence Day (1991)
Language(s): Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian

Map of Ukraine

Map of Ukraine

Type of Government:
Parliamentary democracy. Unicameral with a 450-seat Supreme Council (Verkhovna Rada). Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers appointed by the President subject to approval by the Supreme Council. The judicial branch has two apex courts, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, and the Supreme Court of Ukraine, which handles civil and criminal cases.
Administrative divisions: 24 regions (oblasts), 1 autonomous republic (Crimea), and 2 municipalities with special status (Kyiv and Sevastopol).

Head of State:
President Petro Poroshenko

Head of Government:
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Foreign Affairs (acting): Andriy Deschytsya
Finance: Oleksandr Shlapak
Economy: Pavlo Sheremet

Main Political Parties:
The present Ukrainian parliament is composed of five groups: Batkivshchyna (88 seats); UDAR (42 seats); Svoboda (36 seats); Economic Development (33 seats); Non-affiliated (51 seats). The opposition consists of the Party of Regions (127 seats) and the Communist Party (32 seats); Non-affiliated (40 seats).


Economic Information (2012)

Comparative figures




GDP: ($ billion) 176.16 1820.68
GDP per capita: ($) 3875.65 52277.8
GDP growth rate: (%) 0.15 1.71
Inflation: (%) 0.56 1.52
Unemployment: (%) 7.53 7.29


Foreign Representation in Canada:
Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko

Canadian Representation in Ukraine:
Ambassador Troy Lulashnyk